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What is the URL Scheme for Tecarta Bible



  • David Farlow

    Excellent feature, I'm using it in apple notes to link to my references when preaching. Would be great if it would link to the tecarta web bible online in Chrome - maybe through a Chrome extension? Or work on the Mac App store or Microsoft store as well? Or maybe there is a way I'm unaware of?

  • Cory Lui

    Hi David, you can point to our website by simply changing the URL. For example, for the reference:
    Reference = John 3:16
    URL =

    You can simply change the reference by editing the end of the URL. The format is [BookName]+[ChapterNumber]:[VerseNumber].

    So if you wanted to go to Genesis 1:1, you would add a Genesis+1:1 at the end of the URL

  • David Farlow

    Perfect, thanks so much!

  • David Farlow

    Actually see that this link

    Opens the Web result on my Mac, but glad to see it doubles up by still opening the Tecarta App at the reference on my ipad and iphone. Very useful indeed!


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