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How to view two Bibles at once (Split Screen mode)



  • Edel Victoria

    Can you fix the problem of showing the translation on the right in landscape (horizontal view) on iPhone 5s (iOS 9)? My Settings drawer is blocking the view.

  • pwb232

    I'm trying according to instructions you've given to view two Bibles at once NIV Study Bible and Amplified version but I can't seem to do it. I get the Amplified on left but on the right when I tap content it asks me all the time if I want to turn study Bible off.

  • Cory Lui

    To view a Study Bible's study notes side-by-side a translation is a little different:

    1. Start the Tecarta Bible app
    2. Rotate your device to landscape
    3. Tap the My Settings drawer (looks like a gear) to see a list of translations
    4. Tap the Study Mode button (button has 1 column of 4 horizontal lines) to disable Split Screen mode.
    5. Now expand a category (either My Content or Study Bibles) and tap on a Study Bible's name (IE: NIV Study Bible) to view it. (For the Study Bibles, category, tap the "Try it" button to stream a Study Bible for free)
    6. Notice that there is a 3rd branding drawer located beside the My Settings drawer. Tap on this branding drawer to open the Study Bible resources
    7. Select the far right tab to view the study notes side-by-side your translation :)

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