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How to view a Study Bible's study notes side-by-side the Bible



  • Edel Victoria

    Can you fix the problem of viewing a Study Bible's study notes side-by-side a translation on iPhone 5s (iOS 9)?

  • Cory Lui

    Hi Edel,

    Sorry for the confusion :(

    The iPhone 5s actually does not support this side-by-side feature. Only phones with large screens (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) will be able to support the side-by-side viewing of study notes.

  • Steve Dale

    I get to step 6, then I am lost. I don't know what "a third branding drawer" Is? I see the Bible, gear and pencil "drawers" but those are always there. It seems when there is study Bible content, that a box in the text appears, which if pressed displays the study Bible content.
    First thought is your help should have pictures to illustrate he help - a picture is worth a thousand words.
    Secondly, it seems that these instructions may be outdated and the version of the Tecarta Bible for its that I have works differently than described in this article. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.


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