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How do I transfer highlights from one translation to another translation



  • Donald Eddy

    I had the same question about having verse highlights go between bible translations.  It would be nice if there was a way to select cross translations off or on knowing they may not cross highlight exactly correct.  I would rather have them cross translation highlighted even if it is not exactly correct.  I do a lot of translation swapping and may or may not highlight the same version every time and then when go back to look for what I thought I highlighted it is not there.  For me it is better to have some of the highlight than none of it.

  • Alice Morland

    Totally agree on this point. It's a cop out not to have highlights transferable.

  • Karen Sundquist Nalpantian

    If there is a way to make it happen I would vote for that as well.  One of the things I love about Tecarta is the ease of going between translations. It would be most helpful to have the highlights and notes cross translations, even if they are not exactly correct. 

  • Kyle Foster

    I agree with the above comments. If the highlights are off a bit on other versions that is fine. Please make this update. Thanks!


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