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Using (Listen to) the speech/audio feature



  • gbmcfie

    Very nice feature. Can it be expande to use a loved ones voice reading ?

  • Liveforgod

    Thank you, that was helpful.

  • Edel Victoria

    Please allow us to select Siri Male (Enhanced) or Alex (a high quality U.S. English voice that delivers natural sounding speech). Thank you.

  • Philip Woodward

    Can I use voice reader without being online?

  • Cory Lui

    The device default TTS is already available to you to use offline. Our dramatized/narrated audio and HQTTS audio requires an Internet connection so that the audio can be downloaded from our servers. However you can download the audio in advance for an entire book from the Audio Settings screen. If you need specific help on how to do this, please email us at :)


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