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How to view the Bible in Reading mode (page-flipping mode)



  • Andrew J

    Hi, can we have an easier way to get to this mode?

    It is really not convenient, especially that I have to reset it each time when I want to jump between it and dual version mode.

    Maybe a double tap of the single view mode? I don't know, something easier is needed.


  • Cory Lui

    Hi Andrew,

    We appreciate the feedback! We will soon be redesigning our app from the ground up. We will take this opportunity to discuss our viewing modes and will do our best to improve on this experience. :)

  • Jane Shoemaker

    I hope they change their mind about phasing it out. Cory, all of my questions you've answered. I've screenshotted them since this app is brand new. How to make a note, how to search for a word, this one... Thanks a lot! This app isn't intuitive for me and if not for you I'd be sending out a few less emails. I love it now!


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